SNSSystem AgileApps presentation in PPT
SNSSystem AgileApps presentation in PDF

School loop CRM/order implementation

If you ask a teacher why they do it, they’ll never say, “for those moments when I see a pattern in the data.” They’ll tell you it’s for those moments when a former student shows up at the door and says,”You probably don’t remember me, but your class changed my life.”

  • This is a CRM application which providing order management.
  • Prospect can convert to account after converting prospect in account we can create opportunities.
  • We can generate business report, quotation template and documentations.
  • We can generate quotation for order form and send to customer by a Email.
  • Direct customer relationship and management.
  • Quotation can be converted into contract based on time duration.
  • Database views and Reporting.

Constant Contact Email Campaign module for DMG

Constant contact stand for bulk mailing. It provides APIs to send a newsletter to many contact in single call. CC also provides APIs to create contact and contact’s list so newsletter can be send to many contact lists.

  • DMG is cloud application which is using Relationals Cloud.
  • DMG is not using functionality of Relationals Cloud to send bulk newsletter. In place of this integrated Constant Contact.
  • DMG can also track the activity of Sent newsletter using Constant contact APIs

Unemployment Cost Control Services Application for Dunn Corp

Starting in 1986, we were primarily focused on unemployment cost control and tax savings. As our business grew, so did our breadth of services. Through acquisition and partnerships, we now boast an array of services ranging from business and personal financial options to insurance and employee benefits.


Our well-rounded portfolio of services has lead to unmatched savings and now serves thousands of clients in all 50 states.

  • Used LongJump CRM module.
  • Maintained client and contact details.
  • Database design for Unemployment benefit claim processing.
  • Migrated Legacy system to LongJump.
  • Database migration.
  • Automate Benefit Charge file upload into AgileApps objects.
  • Reports by using AgileApps reports tools.

Assets Management and Equipment Calibration for Techmaster

Techmaster Electronics was established in 1989 with the mission to provide calibrations performed through sound, ethical workmanship and to accommodate customer satisfaction. We have grown to a multi-faceted company providing Test and Measurement Sales and Rentals and Calibration and Repair.

  • Techmaster Electronics provides calibration performed through sound, ethical workmanship and to accommodate customer satisfaction.
  • This is also providing Test and Measurement, Sales and Rentals and Calibration and Repair.
  • This application providing order management for repair and equipment management.
  • This application is based on asset management.
  • Calibration report providing information about asset status.